Sustainability Competition - winners

We’re coming to the end of Winchester Green Week and to mark the occasion, we’re saying congratulations to our 5 winners of our Sustainability Competition 2020. We had some amazing entries from across the district and we hope everyone had fun taking on the green-fingered challenges. 

Gergo Dittmar, 6 years old Built a hedgehog house

Gergo built this hedgehog feeding station with some help from his mum, by re-using an old plastic box and cutting a door just big enough to fit a hedgehog inside. He put some water and food inside the house and had visitors from the first night! Gergo borrowed a wildlife camera and even managed to film the hedgehogs using it. Well done Gergo, I think the hedgehogs love their new home.

Sam Wilkinson, 12 year old built a hedgehog house

Sam has really thought of how to keep the hedgehogs safe and comfy when building this hedgehog house, there’s a door which is just the right size for hedgehogs, of any size and the roof opens up to be able to replace the straw and take a look to see how the hedgehogs are. It is very cosy inside the house with lots of pieces of wood and straw. Brilliant job Sam.

Joe Wilkinson, 14 years old designed a susatinable house

Joe has put a lot of thought into his sustainable house of the future. From renewable energy from solar panels which move to where the sun is throughout the day. There is also rainwater harvesting and an electric car charging station. There is also a green roof which will reduce CO2 and increase biodiversity. Hopefully all houses will look like this in the future Joe, great design. Well done!

Felix Sclater, 9 years old made a bird box

Felix was very creative with the materials he has used to make his bird box. Re-using an old bed slat and some leftover roofing felt, he did all of the measuring himself and even the sawing and hammering (with parental supervision). He then decided he would decorate it by using painting the outside with leaf prints so that it blends in with its environment. Brilliant use of old materials Felix to create something brand new!

Matthew Crocker, 11 years old designed a sustainable house 

Matthew has been very inventive with his design and used Minecraft to create his sustainable house of the future. Using solar panels to heat and provide energy in the house, there is also a farm and chicken coop. As well as a green house in which fruits and vegatables ca be grown. Matthew has put a lot of thought into this design and it would be great to see all houses looking like this in the future. Great work Matthew.  


  • Gergo Dittmar hedgehog feeding station
  • Gergo Dittmar hedgehog night footage
  • Sam Wilkinson hedge hog box
  • Sam Wilkinson hedgehog box
  • Joe Wilkinson's design for a sustainable house
  • Felix Sclater bird box
  • Felix Sclater bird box
  • Matthew Crocker's design for a sustainable house
  • Matthew Crocker's design for a sustainable house
  • Matthew Crocker's design for a sustainable house