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Business advice - COVID-19

Business advice - COVID-19

What to do if you have a case of COVID-19 in a business

Information on the Hampshire County Council’s website has been provided by their Public Health team to support you in your responses to a case or outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) linked to your business

Keep Hampshire Safe - information for businesses

This information includes:

  • What to do if you have a confirmed case(s) or an outbreak
  • How to report an outbreak to your local health protection team
  • Communications toolkit for businesses

For additional information refer to the Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) detailed guidance.

Communications for businesses if you have a confirmed case or outbreak linked to your business

You may need to consider how to manage communications if you have a confirmed case or outbreak linked to your business, whether this is to staff, customers, suppliers, the media or the public. You may have communications support from within your own organisation who will be able to advise you. However, for smaller businesses you may find the communication advice below helpful.

Single confirmed case reported to your business

The following social media message can be used if you have been advised of a single confirmed case linked to your business and you feel you need to communicate via social media. 

"We have been advised of a positive COVID-19 case linked to our business. We are working with NHS Test and Trace and would reassure you that all precautions are being taken to protect our customers, staff and the wider community."

(In a single case it is unlikely that you will have been advised to close your business in which case you may choose to add something like the following to your social media message):

"We are open for business as usual and look forward to continuing to welcome our customers."

Multiple cases reported to your business

In this situation, it is likely that you will have already been contacted by one or more agencies such as Public Health England's South East Health Protection team, Hampshire's County Council's Public Health team or us your Public Protection Service/Environmental Health Team.

After their initial risk assessment with you and dependent on the circumstances, they can provide communications support which may include:

  • Information to staff
  • Information for customers and visitors
  • Initial social media statements

Media handling

There may be media interest when multiple cases are reported linked to a business. With these more complex situations, media enquiries will be managed by Hampshire County Council's communications team working in conjunction with Public Health England's communication team.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact us.

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