A Digital Winchester District

A Digital Winchester District

Access to high quality digital services plays a growing and critical role in the economic health and resilience of the District. With the COVID-19 pandemic the ability to embrace digital technology has become even more vital. With this in mind Winchester City Council is keen to understand the changing digital needs of residents, employers, innovators and investors. 

This will be achieved by exploring:

  • What a digital Winchester means for the different communities of Winchester district, including residents, businesses and community groups, organisations, students.
  • The benefits of 5G to the city and district.
  • The experience of digital connectivity during COVID-19.

The council are inviting you to take part in this work and there are a number of different ways that you could get involved, including a call for evidence, online survey and online debate panel.


The Council has set out four challenges it is seeking to answer through this work. They are:

The challenges are:

1. Infrastructure

  • What are the gaps in digital provision and how can they be solved?
  • What are the barriers to digital connectivity?
  • What infrastructure provision will achieve greatest impact and benefit?

2. Access

  • What are the varying level of experience of broadband and mobile services across the district
  • Do our various communities have equal access to broadband and mobile services?

3. Opportunity

  • What new business and social opportunities can be achieved through fast reliable broadband and 5G technologies?
  • How are opportunities constrained? What will help overcome these constraints? 
  • What are people trying to achieve digitally?

4. Future potential

  • What technology and digital achievement could benefit the local economy and communities in the future and which are not currently available within the district?
  • How would solutions which are not currently available aid COVID-19 recovery?
  • What considerations should be taken in order to future proof provision?


Call for evidence

You wish to provide relevant research and information from articles, published papers documents and opinions to build up an evidence base for these challenges, a form can be downloaded from the link on the right side of this page to send us.

As the evidence based relating to the challenges is developed for an evidence library, which will be available on this webpage.

Click here to send in your evidence.


A Digital Winchester Survey

In order to understand the changing digital needs of residents, businesses, organisations, employers, innovators and investors please complete this short survey which should take around ten minutes. The results will be used to inform council policies and work with partners.  

Click here to take part in the survey.


Panel debate

The online event will have expert speakers and local witnesses to debate the key challenges outlined below.  If you are interested in attending the debate please contact the Economy team here.



The outcome will result with a series of findings that answer the challenges listed above.