Documents required for your claim

IMPORTANT: If you do not have any of the documents we need at the moment, do NOT delay sending back the application form. Let us know which documents are missing, and provide them as soon as you can. If you cannot obtain some of the documents, let us know why, and we will give you advice as to how you can obtain the information we need.

  • Proof of Identity

    You will need to provide two forms of identity for both you and your partner.

    We are unable to accept photocopies, pictures or emailed proof of your identity. The original document can be sent to us in the post or provided in person at our reception.

    The following documents are accepted as proof of identity:

    • Driving Licence
    • Current Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • Marriage Certificate
    • UK Residence permit
    • EEC Identity Card
    • Recent utility bill
    • DWP/HMRC Letter
    • Bank Statement
    • Pension, Life Assurance or Insurance Policy
  • You will have to provide proof of all your income and savings/capital as well as your identity
    • If you and/or your partner receive a State benefit for example, Pension Credit, Income Support you must provide a current letter from the Department of Work and Pensions.
    • If you and/or your partner get a private pension, we will need to see your latest advice slip from the company or organisation that pays your pension, even if it is paid directly into your bank account.
    • If you and/or your partner have earnings from employment or self-employment, please see the webpages "Already earn money from work" and "Self-employed"
    • If you and/or your partner get a Tax Credit and/or Child Benefit you must supply all the pages of your current award letter from the HM Revenue and Customs.
    • If you and/or your partner receive maintenance for yourself, you must provide proof, for example, a letter from the person who pays the maintenance. Maintenance payments for children are fully disregarded.
    • If you and/or your partner are a student, we will need to see the whole of your current Student Loan letter and proof of your term dates for the current academic year
    • If you and/or your partner have savings/capital over £6000 we may need to see full bank/building society statements for the last 2 months, your passbook showing all transactions during the last 2 months, up-to-date statements showing the current value of any Tessa, ISA, PEP, Savings Bond or Income Bond, National Savings Certificates, Premium Bonds and Share Certificates showing the number of any shares held.
    • If you own, or part-own, any property, other than the property which is your current home, you must enter full details on the application form. We will then contact you for more information about this.
    • If you have any other type of income, capital or savings not listed above, you must provide up-to-date proof.
  • Proof of your rent

    If you are claiming Housing Benefit as a tenant of a private landlord or a Housing Association, you need to send us proof of how much rent you pay, and what services are included in your rent. Services include things like heating, water rates and meals. You can either provide this in the form of a current tenancy agreement, a letter from your landlord, or ask your landlord to complete and return a Rent Proof form. Please contact the Benefit's Section to obtain a Rent Proof Form or download the Rent Proof form below.

    If you are a tenant of Winchester City Council, you do not have to supply proof of your rent