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  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

    Housing Benefit is help towards your rent, Council Tax Reduction is help towards your Council Tax.

    If you have a low income, you may be entitled to some help with your rent and /or Council Tax. The amount of benefit/reduction you get generally depends on your income and any other money or investments you have, and the income and savings of others who live in your home.

    Click here to apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction

    Housing Benefit is being replaced by Universal Credit for working age claimants. It is important that you claim the correct benefit or you may lose money.Click here for more information.

  • Backdated Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

    If you are under State Pension Credit age Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction can only be paid for a period prior to a claim being received by the Benefits & Welfare Section where good cause is shown for the delay in claiming.

    This 'good cause' must be present for the whole of the period that you want backdated.
    The maximum time a claim can be backdated is one month. This time is from the date that the application for backdating is actually made.

    If you or your partner are over State Pension Credit age you have 3 months to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction. You do not need to provide good cause.

    Click here to apply for a backdate

  • Discretionary Housing Payment

    Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) can be awarded where further financial assistance towards housing costs is required. You must be in receipt of either Housing Benefit or Universal Credit with housing costs. These are not intended to be long term ongoing payments; they are awarded on a short term basis while you take action to improve your circumstances.

    Click here to apply for a DHP because you have an ongoing shortfall in your rent.

    Click here to apply for a lump sum DHP for help towards a one off housing cost, for example costs associated with moving house.

  • Extra bedroom allowance

    An extra bedroom allowance can be claimed if you have a disabled child who is in receipt of the care component of Disability Living Allowance payable at the highest or middle rate; and this child is unable to share a bedroom with another child, who they would otherwise be treated as sharing with, in accordance with the rules stipulated below. Click here to apply.

    An extra bedroom allowance can be claimed if you, your partner or any member of your household needs regular overnight care from someone who does not normally live with you. You, your partner or any member of your household must be in receipt of Attendance Allowance, the care component of Disability Living Allowance at the highest or middle rate, either rate of the daily living component of Personal Independence Payment, Armed Forces Independence Payment or provide evidence that regular overnight care is required. Click here to apply.

    In both cases, there must be an extra bedroom available.

  • Housing Benefit paid directly to your landlord

    Housing Benefit for private tenants is normally payable to the claimant, however, there are special circumstances when we can pay Housing Benefit directly to the landlord, for example you have a medical condition or disability which cause you difficulties in paying your rent.

    Click here if you wish to apply for your Housing Benefit to be paid directly to your landord.

    If you are a Housing Association tenant, do not complete this form. Please email to confirm that you want your Housing Benefit to be paid directly to your landlord.


  • Change in circumstances

    You must tell the Benefits & Welfare Section about any relevant change of circumstances straight away. This also applies to anyone acting on your behalf and anyone who receives payments for you e.g. your landlord. This means any change which you (or the other person), could reasonably be expected to know, might affect your entitlement to Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction, the amount of Housing Benefit/ Council Tax Reduction or how / who your Housing Benefit is paid to. This duty remains for as long as you are receiving Housing Benefit/ Council Tax Reduction.

    Examples of Change of Circumstances:

    • You change address
    • Someone moves in or out of your home
    • A change in income or capital of anyone in your household
    • You or your partner are going to be temporarily away from home
    • Your child care costs change

    Click here to report a change of circumstances

  • Moving in date

    Confirm your moving in date by clicking here


  • Evidence online

    The quickest way to provide proof to us is by clicking here and uploading a copy of your documents.

    We are unable to accept evidence of your Identity online. The original document can be sent to us in the post or provided in person at our reception.

  • Self employed form

    If you are self employed you will be required to provide details of your self employed income.

    You will need to provide a copy of last years accounts or complete this form.

    If you have just started as self-employed, we will ask you to estimate your income and expenses for the first 13 weeks of trading. We will contact you for actual income and expenses at a later date so you will need to keep records of these.

    You will be required to provide proof of your self employed income every year.

  • Property valuation form

    If you have a financial interest in a property which is not the property you are living in, we require additional information about the property before we can decide how much Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction you can get.

    Click here to provide details of this property

  • Authority to discuss with a third party

    If you want us to discuss your Housing Benefit/ Council Tax Reduction claim with a third party please click here. 

  • Bank details

    Click here to provide your bank details for us to make Housing Benefit payments into.

  • Financial Statement

    A financial statement provides details of your income and expenses. You may be requested to complete a financial statement when making arrangements for paying an overpayment.

    Click here to provide details of income and expenses.

  • Rent proof

    If you are unable to provide your tenancy agreement, you and your landlord can complete a rent proof form by clicking here

  • Certificate of Earnings

    If you are unable to provide wage slips, your employer can complete a certificate of earnings.

    Click here to complete the form

  • Certificate of childcare costs

    If you pay childcare costs you will need to provide evidence.

    The form must be signed by the claimant and the childcare provider.

    Click here to complete the form

  • Habitual Residence Test

    If you have recently come to the United Kingdom (UK). We need some more information to decide if you are habitually resident in the UK.

    Click here to complete a habitual residence test.

  • Company Director Questionnaire

    If you are a company director you will need to complete this questionnaire.

  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction review form

    You may be asked to complete a Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction review form.

    Click here to complete a review form

  • Close relative form

    If you are renting a property from a close relative, we need your landlord to complete this form.