Budget Consultation

Budget Consultation

Each year all local authorities are required to publish a budget setting out how they will fund the services they provide or activities they support. Whilst Winchester City Council set out a fully funded budget in February 2020, the impact of COVID-19 has seen significant additional costs as well as dramatic losses of income.

Whilst the council’s priorities set out in the April 2020 Council Plan remain unchanged, the direct result of the impacts of the pandemic means that we are forecasting a shortfall on next year’s budget of £3.7m.

On 16 December, the council’s Cabinet will consider proposals for achieving a balanced budget and will make final decisions in February 2021.

We welcome your views on these proposals and are encouraging all residents, businesses and key stakeholders to provide feedback.  We have kept questions short and to the point and do hope you can spare 5 minutes to give us your views.