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Annual Financial Report

The Council’s Annual Financial Report provides the audited statutory disclosure of financial information. The format complies with the  Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting (CIPFA) Code of Practice. 

The Council has been unable to commence the statutory period for public inspection of the Council’s accounting records for 2022/23 by the first working day in June as required by paragraph 15 of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (as amended) because of resourcing issues the 2022/23 Annual Financial Report is not ready for publication, it is expected that the public inspection period will be able to commence before the end of June.


2021/22 :

2020/21  :








Notice of Public Inspection

In accordance with Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2015 the latest Public Notice in regards to inspecting, questioning or objecting to the Council’s Annual Financial Report is published below.  The notice provides details of inspection rights and dates for the period that lasts 30 days.

This year local authorities have been given an extended period to publish the accounts certified by the responsible finance officer (RFO) and therefore the public inspection period, which would normally commence by 1ST June, commences on 1st August.

Notice of Audit Conclusion

 Following conclusion of the External Audit a public notice is issued to confirm that the audited Annual Financial Report is available for inspection. The latest notice is available below

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