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Expenditure over £500

Spend over £500 Q2 2021-22 csv (csv, 219kb)In 2010 the Government called on Councils to begin to publish information about spending above £500.

Since April 2013 the published data for the Council's expenditure over £500 can be viewed from the links below.

Spend over £500 Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Document
2015-16 xls (csv, 2mb) csv (csv, 2mb) pdf (pdf, 882kb)
2016-17 xls (xls, 1.4mb) csv (csv, 1.1mb) pdf (pdf, 148kb)
2017-18 xls (xls, 1.2mb) csv (csv, 976kb) pdf (pdf, 608kb)
2018-19 xls (xls, 1.6mb) csv (csv, 1.1mb) pdf (pdf, 721kb)
2019-20 xls (xls, 1.5mb) csv (csv, 1.1mb) pdf (pdf, 719kb)
2020-21 xls (xls, 2.6mb) csv (csv, 2.1mb) pdf (pdf, 1016kb)
2021-22 xls (xls, 1.9mb) csv (csv, 1.5mb) pdf (pdf, 826kb)
2022-23 Q1 xls (xls, 369kb) csv (csv, 248kb) pdf (pdf, 175kb)
2022-23 Q2 xls (xls, 404kb) csv (csv, 277kb) pdf (pdf, 181kb)



An Excel spreadsheet showing spend details over £500 for a full year can be downloaded from the links below:

Full Year Data for 2013-14        Full Year Data for 2014-15       Full Year Data for 2015-16

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