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Frequently Asked Questions
Where did the proposal originate?

Priority D of the Winchester Town Access Plan is to 'Reduce the negative impact of vehicle movements in the Town Centre and residential areas'. To reduce vehicle speeds, a 20mph speed limit proposal for Winchester is one of the actions of the WTAP Action Plan. The access plan can be viewed here.  The request for a 20mph speed limit was also asked for by the Town Forum and residents.  Unfortunately, these proposals depend on funding.

The DfT released a fund called 'Local Sustainable Transport Fund' in 2010 in which bids were submitted by County Councils. The proposal for a 20mph speed limit in the Winchester central area was submitted as part of this bid.  The speed limit has been funded by the Department for Transport.

Why does the proposal not cover my residential area?

Hampshire County Council recognises that many people wish to see lower speed limits introduced on the streets where they live and this has been demonstrated by the volume of requests for 20 mph limits and zones that have been received over the years. The County Council has therefore developed a programme of 20 mph pilot schemes focussed on a number of contained residential areas within the County. The potential sites for these trials were nominated by Councillors across the county, resulting in nine trial residential areas of which one is in Stanmore, whilst the City Council are doing the same for Winnall and Highcliffe.

Once the new speed limits have been implemented their effectiveness will be monitored over a period of time. If the limits do prove to be a success there may be scope, depending on the availability of funding, to develop further programmes of 20 mph limits for other parts of the County.

Why can the proposal not be extended along the main roads? This proposal for the 20mph speed limit is for the Winchester City Centre core area only. The boundaries of the limit were very carefully considered. There are many factors involved in this process. The driver needs to be able to feel that they are entering the main City area and that their speed should be slower. If the boundary of the speed limit, on the main roads, is too far out of the city centre speeds may not reduce due to the fact that the nature of the road and its surroundings have not changed. Another factor in the boundary decision is solely to do with where terminal signs can be located. In the narrow streets of Winchester this is one of the main factors, as the narrow pavement widths dictate where signage can be placed. Conservational issues also need to be considered.
People won't necessarily adhere to speed limits.

In the proposed area, average speeds of vehicles are, in the majority under 24mph. This is the threshold for which the Police would support a 20mph speed limit being implemented. If one driver adheres to the new limit, then others behind will have to do so.  The speed limit is legal and the Police will take appropriate action against anyone breaking speed limits in accordance their policy.

The Winchester Town Forum is looking into setting up a Community Speed Watch for Winchester which has been used successfully in rural areas to remind drivers of the appropriate speed limits.

The roundels are very big and not appropriate in some streets The speed limit signs and roundels have been installed in accordance with the regulations set by the Department for Transport.  The roundels are the smallest size they are allowed to be.  Each roundel location has been carefully calculated in relation to the next roundel and/or speed limit terminal sign.  Therefore whichever direction a vehicle travels it will pass over a roundel or through a terminal sign within a certain distance.  The roundels are bright when they are first installed but are subject to weathering.

13th August 2014: The 20mph speed limit has now been 'Made'. The carriageway painted roundels will start to appear on the 20mph roads. Once these are completed, the terminal signage will be installed and the speed limit scheme will be completed. 

May 2014 : The City Centre 20mph speed limit scheme was approved by the Traffic & Parking Committee on the 29th April 2014. The minutes of the meeting can be viewed here. The next step is to advertise the order as a 'Made Order' and introduce the scheme into the City Centre. It is hoped that the scheme will be introduced in late summer. Terminal signs at the entrance and exit of the areas will inform drivers that they are entering into a 20mph speed limit. Roundels painted on the road will enforce the speed limit throughout the area.

The 20mph speed limit schemes for Winnall and Highcliffe are now in place.

Thursday 20th February 2014: The proposal order for the Winchester City Centre 20mph Speed Limit has now being advertised. All representations will be considered before the proposal is taken to a Traffic & Parking committee for consideration.

The proposal is for a 20mph speed limit around the inner core of the city centre and some outer lying roads. The scheme is being promoted by Hampshire County Council, funded through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and delivered by Winchester City Council.

The public exhibition for the proposed 20mph speed limits scheme in Winchester city centre was well attended. The exhibitions were displayed in four venues for two weeks including two 'question and answer' manned sessions attended by officers of Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council. These manned session were well attended by members of the public, with over 70 people discussing the proposal with officers.

The exhibition boards can be viewed at the bottom of this page. Questions that were frequently asked at the exhibitions can be seen in the table below