Bus Shelters

Bus Stops have more than one authority responsible for their implementation and upkeep.

The location of a new Bus Stop can be suggested by anyone, but implementation is guided by Hampshire County Council policy and feasibility by the bus operators.

A Bus Stop can comprise of many elements:

  • the Bus Stop itself (implemented by Hampshire County Council Passenger Transport Section)
  • a Bus Stop Pole to display the timetable and Flag (installed by Hampshire County Council)
  • a Bus Stop Flag (installed by the Bus Operating Company)
  • a Bus Stop Timetable (installed by the Bus Operating Company)
  • a Bus Lay-by or Raised Kerbs (installed by Winchester City Council)
  • a Bus Shelter (installed by Winchester City Council but funded through the Parish Councils)

Other street furniture such as rubbish bins or seating, are installed by either Winchester City Council or the Parish Council.

For further details on Buses and Bus Stop, refer to the link below to the County Councils Website.

To put a request in for a new location of a bus shelter, please use the form below.