Replacement Leisure Centre Project

River Park Leisure Centre is now more than 40 years old and its ability to meet the needs of a growing population in Winchester is limited. The City Council has looked at various options for replacing or refurbishing it and has commissioned work from external consultants to test the various options.

In September 2015, having looked at the cost and practicality of these various options, the Council agreed that the preferred option, if it is affordable and deliverable, would be a new leisure centre built at Bar End. This centre would be located between the existing sports stadium and the M3, on an area of land owned by the City Council, Hampshire County Council and the University of Winchester.

The current estimates from consultants indicate that a new leisure centre at Bar End would cost in the region of £30 - £35 million. It would take approximately three years to design and build.

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Project Summary

Project Name Replacement Leisure Centre Project
Portfolio Holder Cllr Pearson
Start Date 01/05/2013
Expected End Date 31/12/2020
Key Steps/Milestones
  • Options appraisal - 2013 to 2015
  • Feasibility assessment of preferred option - 2016
  • Prepare outline business case for preferred option - 2016/2017
  • Approval of outline business case- 2017
  • Prepare and seek planning permission - 2017
  • Start on site - 2018
  • Completion - 2020

Latest Status

Cabinet and Council have decided on the facility mix for the new leisure centre project July 2016


The next phase of consultation will be on the concept design, during Spring / Summer 2016/17

Last Committee Report

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Next Steps
  • The next phase of the project is to develop concept designs with the facility mix agreed by Cabinet and Council, proposed at Bar End in Winchester.
  • Alongside the development of concept designs a formal business case will be prepared that assesses the crucial issue of funding alongside elements such as land ownership, transport and commissioning building designs.

Further Information

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