St Clements Surgery

St Clements Architects drawing

This project is to build new premises for the existing St Clements G.P. Practice, currently located in Tanner Street. The scheme to relocate the surgery to the site of Upper Brook Street car park received planning approval in 2016. The replacement surgery design is closely based on the design that previously received planning approval but incorporates some changes to reflect the current needs of the Practice.

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Please see the exhibition panels at the bottom of this page showing the emerging designs of the new surgery.

Project Summary

Project Name St Clements Surgery
Portfolio Holder Cllr Steve Miller
Start Date 01/02/2016
Key Steps/Milestones

Status - Under Review

  • Prepare and seek planning approval – 2015 *
  • Planning permission approved – March 2016
  • Detailed design - estimated 2017
  • Construction – estimated 2018
  • Building completed - estimated 2019

*the original scheme, for the same site, received planning approval in 2012 but this planning permission expired in 2015

Latest Status

Negotiation with the St Clements practice and NHS England to securing an agreed rent and lease terms which would enable the Council to proceed with the construction of a new surgery for occupation by the St Clements GPs


Continued communication with St Clements practice regarding the detailed design of the new facility

Last Committee Report

(Link here)

Next Steps

Detailed design of facility

Further Information

Plans for the approved design:

Further documents are relating to this planning application are available on City Council’s planning portal.

The attachments below show the exhibition boards from the public exhibition on the scheme in November 2015.