West of Waterlooville

The West of Waterlooville Major Development Area is located in the south eastern corner of the District and will provide 3,000 new homes as part of a new community, 2 primary schools, leisure, retail, employment and community facilities including much needed affordable housing. This is being complemented by an extensive restoration and conservation programme for meadows, ancient woodland and the river Wallington.

The site is owned by and being developed by Taylor Wimpey PLC and Grainger PLC, and is administered by both Winchester City Council, and Havant Borough Council. The rate of housebuilding will match market conditions, and is expected to be nearing completion around 2030.  

Project Summary

Project Name West of Waterlooville
Portfolio Holder Cllr Caroline Brook
Start Date 01/04/2008
Key Steps/Milestones

Status - On Schedule

Below are some of the upcoming milestones for the development. Please note they have been grouped into years for simplicity but the actual dates may be sooner. Please see the West of Waterlooville blog for ongoing updates.

For 2017/18

  • Bloor completed Phase 1 on Berewood West of Waterlooville
  • Bridge linking Taylor Wimpey and Grainger site (opened 14 July 2017)
  • Infrastructure works for Phase 4 and 13 to start (commenced July 2017)
  • Western Open Space (Taylor Woodrow side) completed
  • Private Rented Sector housing phase complete
  • Temporary Community Facility to be available
  • Grainger Phase 2 complete
  • Welcoming Art to be installed
  • Application for gateway buildings (mixed use)
  • Application for Phase 13A (received)
  • Construction of Town Park Phase A

Latest Status
  • Total occupations across the site are over 840
  • The road link bridge will be opened by the Mayors of Winchester and Havant in July 2017
  • The open spaces in Winchester have been transferred to WCC from Taylor Woodrow
  • The Western Open Space is still in maintenance and will be opened to the public in July with the hoarding to be taken down in stages.  Some land will still be inaccessible whilst it is being landscaped.
  • Temporary building application has been revised and comments should be received in July 2017.  This increases the amount of space available for community use.
  • The Extra Care building, Wellesley Court, won Best Inclusive Building of the LABC Building Excellence Awards
  • An application has been received for 83 dwellings in Phase 13A


Updates will be given at bi-monthly Advisory Group meetings (open to the public).   The Advisory Group meetings for 2017 are on:

  • Tuesday 28 September
  • Thursday 30 November

Last Committee Report

The last Forum meeting was on Monday 26 June 2017

The next Forum meeting will be held on Monday 2 October 2017 at 2.00 pm venue tbc.

Next Steps

Continue monitoring construction and landscaping works on site. As well as processing planning applications and monitoring overall strategic impacts

Further Information

Main project page