Central Winchester Regeneration - Phase 1 - SPD

Central Winchester Regeneration Study Area

***Latest News***

Following the Community Planning Weekend public feedback presented on 4 April, JTP will present the vision and emerging Supplementary Planning Document to the next meeting of the Informal Policy Group (IPG) on 4 July at the Guildhall, Winchester, starting at 18:00.

If you would like to hear about the emerging SPD following on from the community planning weekend, then please come along to the IPG meeting on the 4 July, at 18:00 in the Guildhall.

For further information please visit the following webpage: www.centralwinchesterregen.co.uk/  


Winchester Bus Station

The City Council purchased the bus station in April 2017 and intend to carry out interim works over the Summer months of 2017 following planning.


Project Summary

The first stage of the Central Winchester Regeneration project is to develop a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to act as a new planning brief for the area of Silver Hill and it's environs. The SPD will have the benefit of a formal status in the local planning system. An Informal Policy Group (IPG) has been established to develop the SPD which will then be considered by Cabinet for adoption.

The SPD will set out the type and layout of land uses that could be built on the site and will help to ensure that the development is fit for the future and will rejuvenate such a prominent part of the City.

The IPG has commissioned JTP an award-winning ‘placemaking’ practice of architects and masterplanners to work with the Council to formulate the SPD. This process will include public and stakeholder engagement and commissioning of studies and assessments to inform the development of the SPD. It is intended to complete this work by the end of 2017.

Project Summary

Project Name Central Winchester Regeneration - Phase 1 - SPD
Portfolio Holder Cllr Vicki Weston
Start Date 29/03/2016
Expected End Date 31/12/2017
Key Steps/Milestones

Expected end date - 31/12/17

Current Status

  • Cabinet Project Initiation: 29 March 2016 – completed
  • Inaugural IPG Meeting: 13 September 2013 - completed
  • Workshop to discuss the public engagement strategy: 3 October 2016 - completed
  • IPG Meeting on archaeology and discussion of brief to commission work: 18 October 2016 - completed
  • IPG Meeting on bus facilities: 8 November 2016 - completed
  • Commission urban design practice with experience in public engagement- November 2016 - completed
  • Commission series of technical studies on key issues: November 2016– Summer 2017 - on-going
  • Public engagement: February- March 2017 - completed
  • Community Planning Weekend - 24/25 March 2017 - completed
  • Preparation of and consultation on draft SPD: April - November 2017 - on-going
  • Approval of draft SPD for adoption January 2018

Latest Status

The City Council has commissioned JTP (www.jtp.co.uk), an award-winning ‘placemaking’ practice of architects and masterplanners, to work with the Council and wider community to create a Supplementary Planning Document which will set out a vision for the future development of central Winchester through collaborative planning and consultation.

JTP has formed a strong team to work on the commission with Hampshire based Snug Architects and Ubu Design Ltd together with consultancies with expertise in commercial property, movement and infrastructure. 

The brief for the commission can be viewed through the following link: brief for the commission.  This was advertised on the South East Business Portal and Contracts Finder.


Information on how to get involved can be found at www.centralwinchesterregen.co.uk  

Public Engagement: February- March 2017
Consultation on draft SPD: Autumn 2017

Last Committee Report

Central Winchester Regeneration Informal Policy Group - Public Feedback 4 April 2017

For details of meetings of the Central Winchester Regeneration Informal Policy Group and its membership see this link.

Next Steps

For more information on this and other opportunities for getting involved in the project, please visit: www.centralwinchesterregen.co.uk/  


Further Information

Main project page: www.centralwinchesterregen.co.uk/ 

Further information on Central Winchester Regeneration can also be found on the Council's webpages: www.winchester.gov.uk/planning/major-sites/silver-hill-central-winchester-regeneration/