Making a Planning Enforcement Complaint

If you suspect there has been a breach of planning control, please let us know. Whilst we investigate all complaints whether by phone, fax, email, or in person at planning reception, it assists us to investigate if you make your complaint in writing setting out all the information including:

  • full site address - if there is no postal address, detailed directions to the location avoid delays in logging your complaint
  • owner or the occupier of the land if known
  • date when you first noted the problem
  • your full contact details in order for us to update you on the investigation
    - name, postal address, telephone number and/or email address 

All complaints will be treated in confidence. Your identity will not be revealed at any stage of the investigation, and our enforcement files are not available for public inspection.

However, if a request is made under the Freedom of Information Act, then details relating to complaints and the investigation of the complaint may be made available.

Contact us using our online service Report or phone tel. 01962 848 480