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A New Way of Submitting Planning Applications

The Government has changed the way in which planning applications are submitted.

The National Standard Planning Application Form has become the only official method of submitting a planning application for most types of planning consent (except for Minerals consent and Building Control applications) for all Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) in England. The standard form is intended to make the process of submitting a planning application less confusing for all applicants, as it will to a great extent replace the variety of planning application forms currently produced by LPAs which differ in the questions asked, the style, the layout and the number of copies required.

Legislation is in place to make it mandatory for applications to be made only on the 1APP forms and to include all of the information and documents specified on the form (the national requirements) together with the additional information and documents specified by the Local Planning Authority to whom the application is made (the local requirements).

Winchester City Council has adopted the 1APP. The paper application forms, guidance notes and checklists, indicating the national and local list validation requirements, can be downloaded from our website using the link below.

It will be easier for applicants to submit their application on-line via the Planning Portal, rather than manually, as the Planning Portal will guide applicants through the information required, including the list of the National requirements. Note: Local requirements are currently only available from each individual local authority website.

Further information on 1APP can be found on the Planning Portal website at www.planningportal.gov.uk/1app.

Sharing Personal Information – Planning Applications
Winchester City Council will publish your planning application details on our Website. However, your phone and email contact details will not be published.
If you are in a Parish area within the Winchester City Council District we will send your contact details to your local Parish Council, as they may wish to contact you to discuss the application with you.
If you do not want your phone or email contact details to be shared with the Parish Council please let us know when you submit your Planning application