1APP Local List Documents

The following information may also be useful when submitting an application to this authority.

  • National Requirements list - this gives a full explanation of the compulsory national requirements for a valid planning application, as set by government
  • Local Requirements List - as defined by Communities and Local Government in their document The Validation of Planning Applications - Guidance for local planning authorities (December 2007).
  • Design and Access Statements - Guidance for Non-Householder Applications
  • Design and Access Statements - Guidance for Householder Applications in Conservation Areas, SSSI, AONB, etc
  • OS Copyright information - an explanation of the use of Ordnance Survey information in support of a planning application.
  • Biodiversity Help List - a checklist of information that may be required to meet the Biodiversity local requirements. NOTE: For those application types where there is a Biodiversity requirement it will become a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT for this checklist to be completed and submitted with the application from December 1st 2008.
  • Heritage Guidance Note - a checklist of information that may be required to meet the Heriatge Statement local requirements.
  • Notice to Owners under Article 6 - A notice to owners of the application site must be completed and served in accordance with Article 6 of the GDPO. Please note that a separate Article 6 is now available for Householder applications.
  • Transport Contributions - In order to provide a more transparent and consistent approach Hampshire County Council has adopted a new policy for transport contributions which is set out in"A New Approach to Calculating Transport Contributions in Hampshire". Following a report to Winchester City Council Cabinet on 25th March 2008, it was concluded that Winchester City Council would adopt the Policy for all planning applications submitted on and after 1st April 2008. Further information on this adoption can be found here.
  • Open Space Strategy- information relating to Open Space contribution scales.
  • Solent Recreation Mitigation Partnership Contributions - information on contributing to the mitigation strategy set up to address recreation impacts of new housing development under the Habitat Regulations.