1APP Downloadable Planning Forms

Winchester City Council has adopted the 1APP forms, and all applications will be validated against the new national and local requirements, as set out in the checklists below.

Each checklist identifies the compulsory National requirements for each application type, as set by government, and any local requirements as adopted by Winchester City Council on 1st February 2008. Each local requirement is identified as being Mandatory (will always be required for that particular application type) or Conditional (will be required if a certain set of criteria is met). If the document is described as Conditional, the checklist will identify when the document is required, and describe what form, purpose and content the document should contain.

Please Note: For paper applications, this Council requires the original document plus 3 copies of each document and plan to be submitted (4 sets of documents in total). If the application being submitted is on a joint application form, e.g. Householder and Listed, then a double set of plans and drawings will be required (8 sets of documents in total).

A definition of all the document types that may be required for a valid application, and other guidance notes relating to Design and Access Statements, OS Copyright, and additional helpsheets for biodiversity and heritage requirements, can be found on the Local Requirements List page.

It will be easier for applicants to submit their application online via the Planning Portal, rather than manually, as the Planning Portal will guide applicants through the information required, including the list of the National requirements.

Since 1 April 2011 the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) has been the statutory Planning Authority for the National Park area. The SDNPA has agreed and implemented unique partnerships with the 15 Local Authorities operating within the Park boundaries, working alongside and overseeing applications to ensure that planning guidelines are adhered to. Amongst them is Winchester City Council.

Winchester City Council is responsible for the day to day processing and determination of the great majority of all planning applications (about 96%). The SDNPA will deal with applications for more significant development within the Park. For more information please refer to the FAQ section.

If your application lies within the South Downs National Park please select South Downs National Park Planning Applications Forms - Paper Copies

If your application does not lie within the South Downs National Park please select Winchester City Council Planning Applications Forms - Paper Copies

In order to identify whether your application lies within the South Downs National Park or not you can enter your post code or address in the following link http://localview/lvinternet/LocationDetails.aspx

Sharing Personal Information – Planning Applications
Winchester City Council will publish your planning application details on our Website. However, your phone and email contact details will not be published.
If you are in a Parish area within the Winchester City Council District we will send your contact details to your local Parish Council, as they may wish to contact you to discuss the application with you.
If you do not want your phone or email contact details to be shared with the Parish Council please let us know when you submit your Planning application