Whiteshute Ridge Cattle Meet and Greet

Wednesday 26th April saw Winchester residents and their dogs gather at St Cross Meadows in order to be introduced to a group of 4 British White cattle – the same breed being proposed for grazing on Whiteshute Ridge.

After an introduction to the history of farming in Winchester and the importance of cattle grazing from the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, the group headed over to the meadows to meet the cattle currently grazing there. Winchester City Council dog wardens were also on hand to help with the introductions and answer any questions from dog walkers.

The event was a great success with both the cattle and the dogs reacting well to each other while the owners had a unique opportunity to get close to the cattle and find out about the work the Wildlife Trust does around Winchester.

A question and answer period at the end of the event raised some concerns about the management of Whiteshute Ridge going forward and these will be taken into consideration whilst preparing the management plan for the Ridge.

The Council would like to thank the residents of Winchester who attended as well as the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust for their help in managing the event.