Open Space Strategy 2013/14

The City Council has approved this Open Space Strategy for use as a background paper to the adopted Winchester District Local Plan Part 1 Joint Core Strategy for the area of the South Downs National Park within Winchester District.  The Strategy covers the whole District, but has been updated for those settlements outside the National Park. To view the Open Space Strategy for the area outside the National Park, please follow this link:-

The Strategy provides a comprehensive framework for the provision of outdoor, children’s play space and adult sports pitches in this area. It has been prepared in consultation with all the parish councils in the National Park, as they are the main providers of the facilities in this area.

The Strategy is used by the City Council's Planning Officers as a basis for determining what play and sport provision is required for new housing development in the South Downs National Park area of the District, or, alternatively, the amount of financial contribution that will be sought in lieu of that provision in accordance with s106 of the Town and Country Planning Act. Contributions are paid into a special Open Space Fund, where they are retained for use in the area where the developments have taken place, until appropriate schemes are implemented.

The Strategy for the area of the District in the National Park can be downloaded using the links below. The full document is very large so it has been split down into the Introduction and separate sections for each of the individual parishes. All files are PDFs which will require the PDF Reader.