New look for Friary Gardens

Friary Gardens was given to the City Council in 1936 by the Revd Robert Quirk of Queen’s Lodge, Canon Street, along with £100 towards the cost of laying it out. Although often called the ‘Secret Garden’, it is in fact widely known about and much enjoyed by local residents, especially parents with young children. It is believed the shelter was built shortly after the acquisition, so is now just over 75 years old. The roof was rethatched in the 1990’s after a fire.

The shelter is at the end of its life and is having a negative impact on the local residents and users of the public garden. The Council receives complaints from both park users and neighbouring properties in relation to anti-social behaviour and misuse of the facility. Following a consultation exercise with local residents, the Council is removing the shelter and redesigning the rear section of the garden to open up this whole area making it much more visible from the garden gate on entering the site and lighter and more open. A pergola will be installed on the site of the existing shelter. The garden design can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Work started on the new design on 4 January, as you can see below the shelter has already been removed and is expected to last for four weeks. The play area and other parts of the garden will remain open during this time.

If you have any questions please contact the Landscape and Open Spaces Team.