West of Waterlooville FAQs

How long will it be until all the houses are built?

As of July 2017 there were approximately 840 homes occupied on the development.  The Council does not know when development of all 3,000 houses for the West of Waterlooville MDA will be completed as this will depend on housing market conditions. At current build rates it is anticipated that construction will continue beyond 2030.

When will the lower access road to the Duke's Meadow development be closed?

Sickle Way was due to be closed once the road bridge opened, however this will now be delayed until the works on Darnel Road are completed. Hampshire County Council Highways Team will review the requirement for Sickle Way to be closed for through traffic and a final decision is expected in the Autumn

Will there be a new Health Centre for the development?

Land will be provided free of charge for the PCT (Primary Care Trust) to build a new health centre. The developer is in the process of finalising the location of the Health Centre within the local centre (phase 6).  Once the site is confirmed, the land will be held for up to 10 years for the Health Centre to be built, though the developer is in discussion with the PCT and hopes to bring this forward sooner.

When will the Community Centre be ready?

Planning permission has been applied for a temporary meeting space, which is expected to be on site by the end of 2017. There will be a small permanent community facility in the local centre, near Berewood Primary School and a hall in the Town Park.  Both will be completed by the time that 1450 dwellings are occupied on the Grainger part of the development, the timing of which is hard to estimate but is likely to open by 2023.

Why do some parts of the development have no pavements?

This approach has been taken in many parts of the development and is known as shared surfaces. In traditional street layouts, footways and carriageways are separated by a kerb. In a street with a shared surface, this demarcation is absent and pedestrians and vehicles use the same surface with equal priority. The key aims are to encourage low vehicle speeds; create an environment in which pedestrians can walk, or stop and chat, without feeling intimidated by motor traffic; make it easier for people to walk around; and promote social interaction. Shared surface schemes work best in relatively calm traffic environments and there are many examples of where they have been very successful.

Why isn't there more off-road parking, reducing the need for people to park on the road side?

The amount of off street parking provided meets the current maximum car parking standard for residential development. We understand that it is sometimes more convenient to park a car on the road than in the space(s) provided for each property but request residents to use their allotted car parking spaces/garages to park their car in.

What can be done to stop people leaving rubbish bins out after collection?

This is a common problem in Winchester and indeed across the country. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 states that householders should not store their bins on public rights of way as it acknowledges that they can cause disruption to people in wheelchairs and people moving push chairs etc. Instead they should be left out the day before and collected within a day of a collection. There are other reasons why bins on pavements are a problem ~ they are an eye sore and can be damaged, lost or filled up by people going past them. Winchester City Council contacts households not complying in this way, but unfortunately there is no enforcement action the Council can take so we aim to encourage people to comply with this request by appealing to their better nature. Please act considerately and try to be a good neighbour whenever possible.

Will there be more litter and dog bins provided on the development?

There is no requirement for the developer to supply dog and litter bins on the development, particularly as dog owners can now dispose of their dog waste in their own household waste bin. Some bins will be provided in the largest areas of open space and in residential areas with agreement from the Parish Council.

Why are my bins emptied by different people and at different times than my neighbour?

The development falls across two different local authority boundaries (Havant & Winchester) and each authority has their own contractor for waste collection.

Will there be post boxes provided on the development?

Post boxes are provided by Royal Mail. They have a statutory right to place them where they see fit and do not, generally, require planning permission. The nearest post boxes are found on Hambledon Road.