Station Approach Introduction

Map of Station Approach area

The City Council wants to improve and revitalise the area of Winchester between the Cattlemarket and the railway station. We call this area ‘Station Approach’. This project forms part of our vision for how we will develop the town’s economy and make the best use of key sites for sustainable development. The Winchester Town Forum’s ‘Vision for Winchester’ and the Draft Local Plan both recognise the potential for new development in the Station Approach area to play a key role in the future of Winchester.

What do we want to see happen?

We believe that redevelopment offers the opportunity to:

  • improve the quality of the station and Cattlemarket areas to provide high quality ‘gateways’ to the City;
  • provide significant new business space in modern, purpose built offices to provide high quality jobs;
  • enhance the public realm and public transport facilities in the station area;
  • enhance the frontages to Andover Road and Worthy Lane;
  • improve pedestrian, cyclist and traffic flows through the site, particularly at the City Road, Andover Road, Sussex Street junction;
  • improve the quality and location of parking provision;
  • provide some affordable and market housing and possibly a small amount of retail (particularly for the convenience of station users)

The City Council owns the Gladstone Street and Cattlemarket/Worthy Lane car parks, and in August 2015 also purchased other land around the Hampshire Records Office from the County Council. (Hampshire Records Office itself will not be involved in any scheme and the building will remain as it is). This includes the Registry Office, opposite the station itself – some know this as the Carfax site. These sites could do more for the City, and redevelopment of one or both of these (not necessarily at the same time) would begin the process of regeneration. We believe that this is the time to start considering this.

The City Council agreed to start a new procurement process working with the RIBA Competitions Office (October 2016) and approved the project budget (November 2016).

A report went to Cabinet on 20 March 2017 at which Cabinet resolved to begin the new procurement process. The brief for the procurement can be downloaded here:

The procurement process was launched by RIBA Competitions on 30 March 2017.