Public Engagement and consultation

In the early part of 2015 the Council invited comments from local residents on what was most important to them about the areas in question and any concerns about how any development may affect them. A leaflet was distributed to all residents in the Station Approach and surrounding areas outlining the possible development opportunities and residents were invited to contribute their views via an online survey. Once those comments had been received and consultation with local land and property owners, the City of Winchester Trust, local businesses and other organisations had also been undertaken a series of community workshop sessions were organised to which residents were invited to attend and participate. At the workshops the main issues that people raised were discussed and ways in which they could be addressed in any development proposals were looked at.

Winchester Business Improvement District (BID) also hosted a meeting with businesses within the area of Andover Road and Hyde as part of our programme of consultation to give their thoughts about the potential development and comment on what their key issues and concerns might be.

The key themes identified from all of the consultation undertaken helped to shape early versions of the original Design Brief and a report was taken to Council’s Cabinet in July 2015 where Members agreed that there should be a further period for comments from key groups and stakeholders on the brief. Members also agreed to the formation of the Station Approach ‘panel’ in order to update interested groups on progress and to provide them with an opportunity to comment on the project where appropriate.

The panel included representatives from the City of Winchester Trust, Winchester 2020 group, Winchester Chamber of Commerce and the Station Area Neighborhood Group, amongst others. The group met twice during the summer of 2015 in order to discuss and continue to develop the original Design Brief.

The findings from all of the consultation exercises and the feedback from the Station Approach panel have been extremely useful and, as much as possible, the Council used this information to help shape the original Design Brief and the suggested guiding principles for the development.

Reports from all of the consultation exercises that were undertaken as well as notes from the Station Approach panel meetings that have taken place so far can be viewed below.