Design Competition

Design Competition - latest news

The Design Competition for the project has now been finalised.  At it's meeting on 21st July 2016, Full Council decided not to make an appointment to the highest scoring bidder in the Design Competition and the Council is now giving consideration to how the development can be progressed.

Design Competition - process

The Council's Design Brief for the Station Approach area can be viewed towards the bottom of this page.

A notice in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) was issued by the Council in October 2015 to invite Expressions of Interest from interested architects firms via Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and the Council received twenty-two submissions from this exercise. These submissions were then evaluated by assessing the financial standing of the firms along with their past experience in projects of a similar nature and relevant references.  Five firms were originally shortlisted from this exercise.

Subsequent to the shortlist being compiled three of the firms had to withdraw from the competition and so there remained two firms in the running. The final shortlist was as follows:

Design Engine Architects Ltd

Hopkins Architects Partnership LLP

An Invitation to Submit Outline Solutions (ISOS) was issued to the shortlisted bidders in December 2015 and the firms put forward their outline solutions for discussion in January 2016.  The Council then completed a period of ‘competitive dialogue’ with the firms through February and March 2016 to guide them with the development of their outline solutions into BAFOs.

The firms submitted their BAFOs in April 2016. These were assessed to check they achieved commercial viability and that the proposals conformed with the requirements of the Design Brief.  The submissions were also scored on criteria including the provision of floorspace and parking and the contribution to a lower carbon Winchester District. The weighting of this element was 40%.

The designs were then assessed by an independent Design Jury and the weighting of this element was 60%. The composition of the Design Jury was as follows:

Derek Latham – Architect, Chair
Cindy Walters - Architect
Bob Wallbridge – Architect, Hampshire County Council
Keith Leaman - City of Winchester Trust
Cllr Liz Hutchison - City Councillor for St Paul Ward
Cllr Rob Humby - City Councillor for Owslebury & Curdridge
Cllr Caroline Dibden – City Councillor for Droxford, Soberton & Hambledon
John Hearn - Urban Designer and Town Planner
Ben Clifton - Strategic Transport, Hampshire County Council

The designs that were presented to the Jury were anonymised.  Following the completion of the Design Jury process, the scores from this element were added to the scores already compiled for the 40% element.  

A breakdown of the scores achieved by the bidders who submitted Best and Final Offers (BAFOs) to the Council can be viewed at the bottom of this page, along with the report compiled during the evaluation process by the Design Jury. An analysis of the comments made at the public exhibition which ran between 9 and 13 May can be viewed here too, as well as a later report compiled by the Design Jury with their further thoughts and recommendations regarding the highest scoring scheme in the competition.

A report was then taken to a meeting of the Council's Cabinet with the result of the competition in order for Cabinet to decide whether to appoint the highest scoring practice to proceed with the design development.  The report was discussed at the Cabinet meeting on 8 June 2016 and can be viewed here with the minutes from the meeting that took place available to view here.  Further reports were taken to the Council's Cabinet on 15 July 2016 and can be viewed here.

The designs were displayed publically between 9 and 13 May 2016 - for further information on the display please click here.