Winchester City Council Proofs of Evidence - Original Consented Scheme

Evidence of Paul Appleton - WCC1

Paul Appleton Proof of Evidence WCC1.P (8 MB)
Paul Appleton Appendices WCC1.A (17.8 MB)
Paul Appleton Summary Proof WCC1.S (577 KB)
Paul Appleton Powerpoint WCC1.PR (23.5 MB)
Paul Appleton Rebuttal WCC1 R (95 KB)

Evidence of Martin Perry - WCC2

Martin Perry Proof of Evidence WCC2.P (78 KB)
Martin Perry Appendices WCC2.A (3.1 MB)
Martin Perry Appendices Errata Sheet WCC2.A (28 KB)
Martin Perry Summary Proof WCC2.S (36 KB)
Martin Perry Rebuttal WCC2 R (242 KB)

Evidence of Steve Tilbury - WCC3

Steve Tilbury Proof of Evidence WCC3.P (138 KB)
Steve Tilbury Summary Proof WCC3.S (79 KB)
Steve Tilbury Rebuttal WCC3 R (48 KB)
Steve Tilbury Appendix WCC3 A (4MB)

Evidence of Steven Opacic - WCC4

Steven Opacic Proof of evidence WCC4.P (94 KB)
Steven Opacic Summary proof WCC4.S (13 KB)

Evidence of Stuart Jenkins - WCC5 Stuart Jenkins Proof WCC5.P (160 KB)
Stuart Jenkins Appendices WCC5.A (2.5 MB)
Stuart Jenkins Summary Proof WCC5.S (57 KB)
Stuart Jenkins Rebuttal Proof WCC5 R (95 KB)
Stuart Jenkins Rebuttal Proof WCC5 RA (3 MB)
Evidence of Matthew Bodley - WCC6

Matthew Bodley Proof of Evidence WCC6.P (269 KB)
Matthew Bodley Appendix cover page and index WCC6.A (113 KB)
Appendix 1 (616 KB)
Appendix 2 (436 KB)
Appendix 3 (1.25 MB)
Appendix 4 (5.7 MB)
Appendix 5 (2 MB)
Appendix 6 (4 MB)
Appendix 7 (1.1 MB)
Appendix 8 (6 MB)
Appendix 9 (1 MB)
Appendix 10 (10.7 MB)
Matthew Bodley Summary Proof WCC6.S (66 KB)
Matthew Bodley Rebuttal WCC6 R (139 KB)
Matthew Bodley Rebuttal Appendices WCC6.RA (1 MB)

Evidence of Nick Symons - WCC7 Nick Symons Proof of Evidence WCC7 P (129 KB)
Nick Symons Appendices WCC7 A (995 KB)