How the scheme has changed

How do the 2009 and 2014 schemes differ?

In the table below we’ve set out the principal changes between the scheme given planning consent in 2009 and the 2014 scheme. There are lots of small details that will be different, but these are the ones that are most likely to be of interest.

2009 Scheme 2014 Scheme How do the 2009 and 2014 schemes differ?
A new bus station to be leased to Stagecoach replacing the existing facility which they own and operate. Two-way bus traffic on Friarsgate with a contra-flow for buses Bus station replaced with a new bus facility consisting of bus stops along Friarsgate with toilets, ticket office and electronic information boards. Stagecoach has decided that it does not wish to operate a bus station because that does not suit its commercial requirements. It is committed to successful bus services and with other bus operators is fully involved in planning the alternative provision. Neither the developer nor the Council can force Stagecoach to have a bus station nor can the Council justify the public expense of a bus station that operators will not pay for. There is no need for buses to use a contra-flow arrangement on Friarsgate which makes it easier to consider other improvements to traffic-flow in the area.
Approximately 110,000 square feet of new retail space Approximately 150,000 square feet of new retail space The space which is available because there is no bus station can be occupied with additional retail space. This is in accordance with the Council’s Local Plan and with good town centre planning. Town centres are the right place for retail space – not out-of-town retail parks which are much more likely to kill off town centre business.
No space suitable for a large new store as part of the total Space suitable for store up to 60,000 square feet In the 2009 scheme there wasn’t space for a large retail unit suitable for what is called an ‘anchor’ store – a department store or other retailer which is the ‘big shop’ in a development. As there is no bus station now required this space can be configured so that an anchor store unit is available.
287 residential dwellings 184 residential dwellings The market for small properties has changed in the last few years and there is more value and a better form of development by having fewer, but larger, units. This will provide more properties suitable for families and people downsizing.
Affordable housing on site at 35% of total number Affordable housing paid for with off-site contribution up to a maximum of 40% When the Coalition Government was elected in 2010 it changed the way in which affordable housing is funded. The new system can work very well but it has had an impact on the economics of providing homes that are truly affordable to rent. The Council has a policy that it will, exceptionally, accept money for building houses in more appropriate locations than on a particular development site if it believes this is in the best interest of meeting housing need and achieving viable development. If this is agreed the Council will be applying national policy and its own previously established principles to the scheme.
129 private parking spaces
330 public parking spaces
180 private parking spaces
279 public parking spaces
The ratio of private parking spaces to the number of private dwellings has been made more realistic and reflects concern that if each dwelling did not have a parking space then it could cause problems for on-street parking in the town. The number of public spaces has been reduced to the amount originally specified by the Council. The Council believes this is adequate given the overall number of parking spaces available in the town and through Park and Ride (the South of Winchester park and ride has opened since the original planning consent for Silver Hill). The existing Friarsgate car park is in very poor condition and is partially closed on a permanent basis.
Didn’t include any changes to buildings on the High Street/Broadway Now includes two replacement buildings and a new building. The existing building occupied by Oxfam will be replaced with a narrower building which will allow Cross Keys Passage to become a wider link to the High Street. The opening into what will be Silver Hill square is where the bus station is now. This will be narrowed by a new building so that there is a regular series of new ‘streets’ into the scheme connecting with the Broadway/High Street. One building on the high street which is reduced in size at the rear will be replaced. The current building is not attractive and replacement is a chance to improve the street scene.
Had youth club space Does not have a youth club space This space was originally provided on a speculative basis and could only be delivered if a group was prepared to lease and operate a youth facility. The YMCA was the only organisation likely to do this and they now occupy the St John’s building.
Included office space Does not include office space The office space was included principally to ensure that the possible requirements of the NHS could be met if they needed space within the scheme. The NHS doesn’t have that requirement and, as a relatively small amount of office space doesn’t fit with the rest of the scheme, it isn’t going to be included now.