Central Winchester Regeneration – production of SPD

Photos of flipcharts from the Central Winchester Regeneration Workshop


The City Council are producing a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the central Winchester area including Silver Hill (you can view the map of the study area here). 

The SPD will be produced by the Central Winchester Regeneration Informal Policy Group (IPG), which is an informal cross-party group.  In due course, the SPD will be considered at Cabinet for recommendation for adoption by the Council. 

There are a number of existing documents which provide guidance and further information on the area which will feed into the production of the SPD.  Local Plan Part 1 and emerging Local Plan Part 2 set the planning policies for the area together with the National Planning Policy Framework. The Local Plan Evidence Base also contains a lot of background studies and assessments that will be relevant to this area.

Latest news

The inaugural meeting of the IPG took place on the 13 September 2016 and the papers for this meeting can be viewed here.

Following this meeting, a workshop was held on 3 October to create a framework for a public engagement strategy.  The minutes of this workshop and the ideas added to the flip charts can be viewed here.  Photographs of the suggestions made on flip charts can be viewed below

The IPG met again on 18 October.  The meeting included a presentation by Professor Martin Biddle (Professor of Medieval Archaeology, University of Oxford) which can be viewed here.  The presentation was followed by a discussion on the procurement and brief to commission support from an Urban Design Practice.  The papers for the meeting can be viewed here


If you would like further information about the project then please email your enquiry to CWRegen@winchester.gov.uk