Silver Hill planning applications detailed description 2014

14/01912/FUL (variation application for material amendment to approved permission); and 14/01913/FUL (new Full application).

These applications together seek to change the existing planning consent 06/01901/FUL in the following way:

  • 287 dwellings to 177 dwellings – including removal of on-site affordable housing.
  • Removal of the bus station to be replaced with a bus interchange facility including waiting and ticketing facilities and public conveniences.
  • Building B altered and extended to the north (in 14/01912/FUL) for provision of additional retail floor space accessed along a new retail street.
  • Revised version of building B (in 14/01913/FUL) also removing land uses including live-work units, office space, youth centre and medical centre. Refer to the plans and accompanying documents in application no. 14/01913/FUL for development that is intended for Building B and the public realm.


The demolition of 153 High Street and redevelopment for a three storey retail and residential building is proposed for wider access to the above site through Cross Keys passage.

The existing building of 153 High Street connects to Maison Blanc a listed building, with a brick arch, and is the only element of the high street buildings which requires listed building consent under 14/01916/LIS.

Development of a three storey residential and retail building at 161-162 High Street will infill the existing bus station entrance.

For complete descriptions please refer to Silver Hill Planning Applications Summary page.

Full details of all changes/variations can be found within the submission documents, which are available both online (please allow two days for the documents to appear online) and at the City Offices.

Please see the Council’s information about the Silver Hill development in general and for details of the planning applications themselves (including documents) please enter the reference numbers to ‘View Planning Applications’. Please allow until the close of business on Friday 22 August for the documents to appear online. Alternatively paper copies are available to view at City Offices Reception, Colebrook Street, Winchester.

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If your comments apply to BOTH applications, please mark this clearly on your correspondence. If you are submitting your comments online and wish your comments to apply to both cases you will need to submit these comments separately for each application. Please also ensure that your name and address is included so that your representation can be properly received by the case officer.

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These applications will be decided by the Planning Committee: we will not be personally contacting contributors informing them of the committee date where these applications will be considered; details will be published on our website. There will be an opportunity for public speaking at Planning Development Committee where Elected Members will also consider the issues. Further updates will be given in respect of the planning applications together with Committee dates when known on this website.