Creative Enterprise Centre

Following a workspace study carried out in 2012 (see below), the Council has been looking for a location for a creative enterprise centre in the city.

The recent departure of TJ Waste and Recycling to a bigger site from their premises on Barfield Close has provided the perfect opportunity.

Working closely with local universities and creative industries, the Council is keen to use the site to establish a hub for new and growing creative businesses.

The distinctive structure in Barfield Close was formerly the Goods Shed for the Winchester (Chesil) Railway Station, one of a group of station buildings that were built in the late 19th century to the standard designs used by the Great Western Railway. The Goods Shed stood to the south of the original station in an area known as the Bar End Yard, alongside four sidings, two passing loops and a ten-ton crane. Like the other stations on the southern part of the line, Winchester Chesil was largely closed in 1960. In more recent times, the Goods Shed has been used as a waste facility for the recycling of metal, paper, cardboard and plastics.

The Creative Enterprise Centre proposed by the Council would see the refurbishment of the Goods Shed to house a variety of visual artists and other, office-based creative businesses such as design and architecture practices. A new, warehouse-style building would be added to the site to accommodate performing arts organisations needing to rehearse, create new work or run workshops.

The ambition is to provide advice and support to those organisations and individuals taking space in the Creative Enterprise Centre to help them flourish and become active contributors to Winchester’s creative economy.

The existing industrial building adjoining the Goods Shed will become home to the City Council’s Special Maintenance team, who are currently based on the old depot site at Bar End.

The Council is in the process of finalising plans for various elements of the project and a planning application is due to be submitted in the Autumn of 2016. An exhibition of the proposals was held on 11-12 March and a number of comments were received. A consultation report has been prepared which includes a summary of the comments received together with the Council’s response, which can be viewed below.

For more information contact the project manager Jenny Nell