Bushfield Camp

Bushfield 1

Bushfield Camp is owned by the Church Commissioners for England (The Commissioners).

The Commissioners exist to support the work and the mission of the Church of England. They achieve this in a variety of ways – from paying the pensions of many of its clergy, contributing to the funding of dioceses and parishes, supporting the ministry of archbishops and bishops and contributing substantially to the work of cathedrals.

Location and Policy Context

Bushfield Camp lies on the southern edge of Winchester. The site comprises approximately 43 hectares, of which approximately 20 hectares were previously occupied by the military camp. It is allocated within the Winchester City Council Local Plan under policy WT3 as an employment site.

Policy WT3 limits the total development area to 20 hectares of land, prioritising the use of the previously occupied area. There is also a policy requirement to secure and lay out for public use the undeveloped part of the site for recreational purposes in perpetuity, while allowing for strategic landscaping.

Further details of the planning policy context can be found in the Winchester Joint Core Strategy and a location plan can be downloaded below.

The Future

Recognising the importance of a considered approach to the site’s redevelopment, the Commissioners have begun early engagement with key stakeholders such as Winchester City Council, Hampshire County Council and Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership. This will inform their understanding of the physical, social, political and economic context of the site, and how it can make the greatest contribution to the economic and social well-being of Winchester.

No plans are currently in place for the site’s development.

Following a period of consultation with stakeholders in late 2016 and early 2017, initial ideas for the site’s redevelopment will be shared by The Commissioners with a range of local agencies, amenity groups and the wider public. The process of engagement will continue throughout a masterplanning process to ensure any proposals respond to the local context.

Baseline studies are currently being undertaken to assess the site’s key characteristics, and findings will be shared.

For further details please contact ukfaccebushfield@deloitte.co.uk