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The Neighbourhood Centre Summary September 2016

The Neighbourhood Centre Summary summaries the outcomes of a stakeholder workshop in relation to the Community Facilities which are being proposed to serve Barton Farm and which will be part of Phase 2.

November 2014

CALA Homes press release 'Work starts to prepare for Barton Farm Development'

April 2014

A Special Planning Committee was held on Thursday 27th March 2014 to discuss the first phase of development (ref.13/02257/REM) and the Design Code for the development at Barton Farm.

The Committee resolved that the Design Code be approved, pursuant to Condition 03 of Planning Permission 13/01694/FUL and that the planning application for the first phase of development be permitted subject to the conditions set out in the Report (as amended in the Update Sheet).

See full minutes 'Planning Development Control Committee'

Thursday 27 March 2014

There will be a Special Planning Committee to discuss the first phase of development (ref.13/02257/REM) and the Design Code for the development at Barton Farm, Winchester. This will be held at 9:30 on Thursday 27 March 2014 at Guildhall Winchester, SO23 9GH.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the Committee meeting where there will be an opportunity to express your views. If you would like to speak at the meeting, please contact the Public Speaking Co-ordinator on (01962) 848339 by 4pm on the Tuesday immediately preceding the date of the Committee.

28 February 2014

Reserved Matters; Design Code and Landscape and Open Space Strategy (LOSS)

Following the completion of the consultation period the Developer and the Design Team have assessed the comments made in relation to the Reserved Matters application, the Design Code and the LOSS document and provided a response.

In responding to these comments the developer has submitted amended plans where it was considered necessary to do so and has updated the Design Code and LOSS document. The developer has provided a written response to all other matters that explains how the scheme addresses the points raised. Details can be found at the following link to the Barton Farm Reserved Matters application on this website.

The amendments/additional details for the Reserved Matters application were submitted on 20 February 2014 and relate to:

  • Changes to the configuration of the proposed Stoney Green round-about junction, including the re-siting and re-design of the apartment buildings to address the public square
  • The provision of additional visitor car parking spaces throughout the first phase of development
  • Small changes have been made to the arrangement of the parking courts
  • Increase in width of the service roads to allow more space for passing vehicles and improved visibility splays
  • Increase in size of communal cycle stores
  • General revisions to the pedestrian/cycle route to illustrate connectivity through the site
  • Updated ecology report
  • Materials Schedule
  • Levels and sections provided for southern boundary

November 2013

The first reserved matters (details of phase 1) for the development of Barton Farm have been submitted to Winchester City Council by Cala Homes. The application relates to the construction of a total of 425 dwellings (202 in phase 1A and 223 in phase 1B) including public open space. Full details of the planning application ref. 13/02257/REM can be viewed through the following link: Development Control Case 13/02257/REM 

Alongside the planning application Cala Homes have also submitted the Design Code (a ‘book’ of design standards to guide the development of the Barton Farm site) required as a condition of the original outline permission. All reserved matters applications should conform with the standards set by the design code unless it can be demonstrated that enhancements in townscape, landscape and sustainability terms, over and above that required by the design code, will be achieved.

The Design Code document can be viewed through the link provided above to the reserved matters application.

The Planning Development Committee to consider this application will be held in March 2014.

September 2013

View the presentation from JTP shown at the Forum held on 10 September.

Barton Farm Public Exhibition 18 September 2013 (pdf 18 Mb)

August 2013

New application at Barton Farm to make small changes to conditions on the original outline planning permission. Changes explained:

Planning application ref. 13/01694/FUL – Variation to conditions on the outline consent (09/02412/OUT) for land at Barton Farm, Winchester

Neighbour Letters explanation

A considerable number of local residents will have recently received a letter which may be difficult to understand. An explanation is offered here to make the situation clearer.
When the planning permission was issued for Barton Farm, a certain number of ‘conditions’ (things the developer must do at certain stages) was included. Since then, circumstances have changed and the developer would like to slightly change 3 of these conditions.
NB. Please note that the developer is no longer applying to change condition 15 (the requirement for the management of land to the east of the site including wardening)

Condition 3:
Originally the developer had to get the Design Codes (a ‘book’ of design standards to guide development) approved before they applied for their first Phase of house building (reserved matters). Now WCC and the developer have agreed that they should both be sent in together in order for the first Phase of housing development to be tested against the design code.

Condition 30:
This refers to the size of the individual shops, businesses, restaurants and bars (A1, A2, A3 and A4 uses respectively) on site and limits all the units to 200 sq.m in size. In order to attract a suitable bar/pub it is proposed to raise the size limit for this use (A4) to 500 sq.m

Condition 33:
The original condition required a medical building to be provided within the local centre to be 660 sq.m in floor area. On going discussions are taking place between the developer, local GP practices and the NHS in relation to the form that the medical facility will take. The developer is asking to change the wording to allow greater flexibility until all parties have decided the extent of the medical facilities needed.
June 2013

June 2013

Transport Workshop, Thursday 13 June

The main purpose of the transport workshop was for key stakeholders to be briefed on the details of the transport contribution package that has been secured as part of the S106 agreement for the Barton Farm Development.

Attendees were divided between four tables. A summary of the permitted development and contributions secured as part of the development were presented.

Notes from the workshop can be downloaded along with other documents at the foot of this page.

Wednesday 12 June, 12pm - 7.30pm at Guildhall Winchester.

A public exhibition about the Barton Farm development was held on Wednesday 12 June at Guildhall Winchester from 12pm to 7.30pm. This presented an opportunity to talk to staff of Cala Homes and their architects, John Thompson and Partners, about how the development is progressing and the design code for the development.

March 2013

Detailed technical work has now commenced on preparing a design code for the Barton Farm development and on the first detailed planning applications (these are called ‘reserved matters’ applications because the outline planning consent did not consider detailed design issues and ‘reserved’ them for later in the process). The decisions on the design code and reserved matters will be taken by the City Council.

The Barton Farm Forum will receive a detailed update on this work and on the likely timetable at its meeting on the 27th March 2013. You can read a copy of the update report online.

The March meeting of the Forum will also receive a presentation on the approved changes to the Andover Road and the way in which the main Barton Farm streets will make their connections. This will explain the traffic management and urban design principles which underlie these.

To assist with some of the more frequent enquiries we have added to the document list at the bottom of the page a non-technical summary of the conditions attached to the outline planning consent by the Secretary of State. A non-technical summary of the Section 106 obligations will also be added shortly.

January 2013

Barton Farm Forum

Winchester City Council set up the Barton Farm Forum to bring together everyone with an interest in ensuring that the development is the best it can be for the Winchester district.

The forum is not a decision-making body but gives people the chance to raise issues, express views and follow development of the project, which will last 10 to 12 years.

The first meeting was held at the Guildhall in Winchester on 16 January and meetings will be held around every six weeks. 

October 2012

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government approved an appeal by CALA Homes to build 2,000 houses on the Barton Farm site to the north of Winchester.

September 2011

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government dismissed an appeal by CALA Homes to build 2,000 houses on the Barton Farm site to the north of Winchester.

The Secretary of State supported his Planning Inspector's conclusion that there were no overriding issues with the site itself which justified refusal. Instead, he has said that any decision by him would undermine Winchester's own ability to plan for their future. He has therefore concluded that the matter must be decided locally. This supports the Council's original refusal on the grounds that it was premature. Read the press release in full below.

March 2011

The public inquiry completed its sitting on 28 February, and it is expected be closed in writing by the Inspector by 21 March 2011. The Inspector will then prepare her report to the Secretary of State, who will subsequently issue his decision on the appeal.

Copies of the closing speeches on behalf of the three parties are can be viewed by clicking the links below:

Winchester City Council closing submission (see below)

CALA homes closing submission
Save Barton Farm Group closing submission (see below)

All documents relating to the Barton Farm planning application can be found on our planning portal - 09/02412/OUT

February 2011

Opening Statement:

Winchester City Council  (see below)

January 2011

The appeal by CALA Homes against the Council's reasons for refusing the planning application at Barton Farm will begin in the Guildhall, Winchester on 8 February. The appeal is scheduled to last until the 17 February, but the timing will depend on the progress of the evidence and the issues presented.

The Inspector will report her findings a few weeks later but the final decision is to be taken by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

There is a further Judicial Review hearing on 17 January when CALA Homes seek to obtain a judgement which would reduce the significance (in planning terms) of the Secretary of State's intention to resolve the Regional Spatial Strategies. This could have some bearing on the Barton Farm application.

November 2010

Following the judgement that Communities Secretary Eric Pickles' s acted unlawfully when he announced that he had revoked the Regional Spatial Strategies, including the South East Plan, Cllr Kelsie Learney Leader of Winchester City Council commented, "CALA Homes took the Government to court to challenge the way in which the Secretary of State had gone about his decision making. The City Council's position on CALA's application for 2000 homes on Barton Farm remains as it was. Our reasons for refusal took account of the intention of Secretary of State to revoke regional plans at some point in the future. The appeal will take place in February and the Council will defend its position that planning permission should not be granted for the development."

Read the Cala Homes High Court judgement here.

Barton Farm - (August 2010)

At the meeting of Planning and Development Control Committee on 14 June 2010 the City Council agreed to offer a number of reasons why it would have refused the application for 2,000 dwellings at Barton Farm submitted by CALA Homes Ltd.

These reasons will form the basis of the arguments at the appeal which has been made by CALA Homes.

One of the reasons given for refusal is that the City Council opposed the inclusion of an allocation for Barton Farm in the regional spatial strategy. The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government announced at the end of May that he would be abolishing the housing targets set in regional spatial strategies. The committee took the view that it could give substantial weight to the Secretary of State's intentions and that approving the application would not be appropriate given that its LDF and housing numbers would need to be reconsidered locally before being agreed.

The Secretary of State proceeded to revoke the regional spatial strategies in July. However, CALA Homes has also challenged whether that decision is lawful.

There is no date set for the appeal into Barton Farm at the moment. The City Council has argued that a date should not be set before clarification of the legal position on the regional spatial strategies. CALA Homes would like an earlier date. The decision on timing will be made by the Planning Inspectorate who will arrange the public inquiry and make a recommendation to the Secretary of State.

As soon as dates are agreed we will announce the details.

The Council received an outline application for the development of 2000 homes at Barton Farm in November 2009 (planning reference 09/02412/OUT). This application could not be determined within the period set by the Government and so the applicant, CALA Homes, has appealed against the non-determination as they are entitled to do. This appeal inquiry will be held in September 2010. The final decision on whether to allow the development to go ahead will be made by the Secretary of State after receiving a recommendation from the Planning Inspector who conducts the inquiry. The Council must state its own position before the inquiry and this will be decided at a meeting of the Planning Development Control Committee on 14 June 2010.

CALA Homes has submitted a second identical application and this is expected to be dealt with at the same meeting.

Barton Farm Planning Application References
09/02412/OUT (original) and 10/01063/OUT (duplicate).