South Wonston Village Design Statement

South Wonston Parish Council has produced a Village Design Statement (VDS) for South
Wonston which identifies design criteria against which planning applications in the area will be assessed.

Winchester City Council adopted the South Wonston VDS as a Supplementary Planning
Document to the Winchester District Local Plan Review (WDLPR 2006) and the Winchester
District Local Plan Part One (adopted March 2013) on 30 April 2014 following a public
consultation period held in October/November 2013. Modifications made following this
consultation can be found in the report to Cabinet on 30 April 2014 (CAB2581): The VDS incorporates within it a
statement of public consultation, which outlines how the public was involved in the consultation on this document.

The following documents can be viewed or downloaded below:

  • South Wonston Village Design Statement Adopted 30 April 2014
  • Regulation 19 Adoption Statement
  • The Draft Village Design Statement
  • Consultation Notice 
  • Responses received to the consultation held in October 2013