Planning Policy

Planning Policy

Planning Policy deals with the preparation of the Local Plan. The Local Plan is a series of documents which set out the planning policies for Winchester District to guide development. The statutory documents which comprise the Development Plan include:-

The Council has also adopted a series of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) which set out non-statutory planning guidance.

Sustainable Low and Zero Carbon Built Development – implementation of Local Plan Part 1 policy CP11.

The Government has announced (March 2015) updates to its policy on housing standards and zero carbon homes - These affect the Council’s implementation of Policy CP11 of the adopted Local Plan Part 1. While policy CP11 remains part of the Development Plan and the Council still aspires to achieve its standards for residential development (Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5 for energy and Level 4 for water), Government advice now sets a maximum standard of 110litres/day for water efficiency and the equivalent of Code Level 4 for energy. Therefore, for applications determined after 26 March 2015, Local Plan policy CP11 will be applied in compliance with the maximum standards set out in Government advice.

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