Denmead Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation and Pre-Submission Plan

Town and Country Planning, England

The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012

Denmead Neighbourhood Plan

In August 2011 Department of Communities and Local Government accepted and agreed an application by Winchester City Council on behalf of Denmead Parish Council, to be a ‘Neighbourhood Planning Front Runner’.

The area to be covered by the Neighbourhood Plan includes the Parish of Denmead but specifically excludes that part of the Parish that now lies in the South Downs National Park and that part covered by the West of Waterlooville major development area which is currently being developed.

In accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations the Neighbourhood Plan Area was published for consultation during July to 3rd September 2012.

The Council has considered the responses received, none of which raise any matters of substance to warrant a re-consideration of the boundary.  Therefore, the boundary is confirmed as that originally submitted and can be viewed on the attached document.

The representations received to the consultation and a summary of the process are included in the document 'Designation of Denmead Neighbourhood Area'.

Denmead has set up its own Neighbourhood Plan website where you can view the Pre-submission Plan which was published on 10 March for a six week consultation period ending 21 April 2014.  Visit where you can view the Plan and comment using the on-line form.  Comments may also be sent by post to Denmead Parish Council,