Gypsy and Traveller Development Plan Document

The Council has started work on its Gypsy and Traveller Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) which will allocate sites as necessary to meet identified traveller needs. Local Plan Part 2 Policy DM4 sets out the required pitch target for both gypsies and travellers and travelling showpeople. These requirements reflect the recently completed, Winchester Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (ORS, Oct 2016).

The purpose of the Gypsy and Traveller Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) is therefore to allocate the sites needed to meet the requirements of Policy DM4. The first stage of the process is to determine which sites are available and suitable for such purposes. In April 2014, Winchester City Council, East Hampshire District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority jointly commissioned consultants (Peter Brett Associates) to identify and assess potential sites for Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople across the whole of the two Districts, including parts within the National Park. The Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople Site Assessment Study (PBA, July 2016)  identifies sites considered to be suitable and available to meet the identified need for each authority. However, to ensure that all potential sites are considered the Council has initiated a ‘call for sites’. So if you are aware of a site which you would like to be considered, please complete the Site Request Proforma below and return it by 12pm Monday 12th December 2016 to Winchester City Council, (not to Peter Brett Associates).

Strategic Planning, Winchester City Council, Colebrook Street, Winchester, SO23 9LJ.