LPP2 2016 Examination

Examination of the Winchester District Local Plan Part 2: Development Management & Site Allocations

Following the submission of the Winchester District Local Plan Part 2: Development Management & Site Allocations (LPP2) in March 2016, an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State conducted an Examination into the plan. The Examination ran from March 2016 until January 2017.  

  • Examination Hearings

    The public Hearings part of the Examination commenced on Tuesday 12 July and concluded on Wednesday 20 July. The Library List attached below gives access to all the relevant documents, including the evidence submitted by the participants. The policies maps included under document SUB2 have been found to include an error, therefore please refer to the polices map in the back of SUB1 written statement. Following the Hearings, the Inspector produced a Note of Initial Findings (28 July 2016) inviting the Council to prepare a schedule of modifications to take into account the issues identified in his initial findings. The Note of Initial Findings can be downloaded from the list below.   

  • Publication of Proposed Modifications

    The Council then prepared a draft schedule of Main Modifications, which reflected matters raised in the Inspector's Note of Initial Findings, together with a schedule of Additional Modifications which the Council proposed to add further clarity in response to issues raised (the Draft Schedule of Modifications is in the attachments at the bottom of this page). 

    Following a minor change to reflect comments made by the Inspector, both schedules were published for consultation for 6 weeks from 28 October until 12 December 2016 and can be downloaded from the attachments below. The responses to the draft modifications received by the Council can be accessed by using this link; winchester.citizenspace.com/policy-and-planning/modifications-lpp2/  

  • Inspector's Report

    The Inspector's report was received by the Council on 31 January 2017. The report concluded that with the recommended Main Modifications, the plan is "sound".    

    The Inspector's report, the Main Modifications and an outline of the remaining steps before the LPP2 is adopted can be found here; www.winchester.gov.uk/planning-policy/local-plan-part-2/lpp2-2017-inspector-39-s-report/

    For more information on Local Plan Part 2, or this process, please contact the Strategic Planning Team at LDF@winchester.gov.uk or phone 01962 840 222