Local Plan Part 2 - Development Management & Allocations

Planning Policy

Following Local Plan Part 1 - Joint Core Strategy which is the overarching document of the Local Development Framework, the Council has prepared a second planning policy document.  This is the Development Management and Site Allocations now known as Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2). This incorporates both detailed development management policies and also allocates (non-strategic) sites to meet the objectively assessed development needs including retail, housing, employment, community, leisure and transport. 

A lot of work has been done with Parish Councils, communities and other organisations to develop the draft Local Plan .  Information specific to communities can be found in the 'Background work with parishes on LPP2' box below.

The other boxes below relate to documents linked to the stages of the emerging Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2). 

Following the Examination of LPP2, the Council has received the Inspector's report. The report concluded that, with the recommended Main Modifications, the plan is "sound". 

It is anticipated that LPP2 will be adopted by the Council on 5 April (Full Council).      

Stage / Event


Draft Plan Published for Consultation

24 October 2014
Publication' (Pre-submission) Plan

November-December 2015

Submission to Secretary of State for Examination

23 March 2016

Examination Hearings May-July 2016
Consultation on Proposed Modifications 28 October - 12 December 2016


*Inspector's Report



January 2017*

Adoption of LPP2 Expected 5 April 2017

* = current stage of process.

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