Winchester Town

This area gives you access to various documents that are part of the evidence base for Local Plan Part 2 (LPP2), and which directly concern Winchester. These include reports and studies produced by Winchester City Council and more will be added as they become available.

The preparation of LPP2 follows on directly from Local Plan Part 1 (Joint Core Strategy) and includes new or revised development management policies and site-specific development allocations based on Winchester's needs

The Council’s Local Plan Part 1, adopted in 2013, establishes the planning strategy for Winchester, including housing targets for the next 20 years, together with a requirement for sufficient land  to meet economic and retail needs. Current work suggests there is no need to release any significant new greenfield sites to meet the Town’s housing, employment or retail targets. These will mostly be provided for on sites already identified such as Barton Farm, Silver Hill and the Station Approach area.

In order to inform  this process a consultation took place to discuss future planning issues for Winchester Town. A series of meetings and exhibitions were held and the results have been assessed and written up in a  Consultation Report which can be viewed in the attachments section at the bottom of this page (along with a copy of the Winchester Town Exhibition Boards ). 

There are various studies and projects which are relevant to Winchester town (including an updated Station Approach Development Assessement) and these can be viewed either in the attachment section below or here: