Local Plan Part 1 was Submitted to the Secretary of State on the 18 June 2012, after publishing the Plan for a six week period earlier in the year for representations on its ‘soundness’.

The Submission Local Plan Part 1 is not published for consultation, but if you wish to update your comments on the Pre-Submission Local Plan Part 1, or make new comments, these will be accepted provided they relate to the Council’s Schedule of Modifications or the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework. Comments should be sent in writing or by email via the Programme Officer (see below) and must be received by midday on the 30 July 2012. Comments will be passed on to the Planning Inspector appointed to hold the Examination and considered through the Examination process, alongside the representations already made on the Pre-Submission version.

The Examination hearings will commence on 30 October 2012 with a Pre Hearing Meeting on 12 September at 2:00pm (venue to be confirmed). Further details will be placed on this website when available.

The Inspector will decide which matters he/she wishes to examine and who will be invited to appear at the Examination hearings.  A Programme Officer has been appointed to assist the Inspector and will contact those invited to participate in the hearing sessions of the Examination. However, anyone can attend and observe the hearing sessions. Any communication from or with the Planning Inspector and regarding the hearing sessions will be dealt with by the independent Programme Officer, Rosemary Morton. Her contact details can be found in the Statement of Documents Available for Inspection.