Plans for Places

  • What is Plans for Places...after Blueprint?

    The purpose of Plans for Places was to consider the responses to Blueprint from both residents and businesses and suggests how these are translated into a development strategy for the Winchester District up to 2031.

    It formed part of the Local Development Framework and bridged the gap between the Core Strategy Preferred Option published in May 2009 and the next version (Presubmission). Plans for Places set out in non-technical terms what the City Council thought the policies for the Core Strategy might be.

    In addition to Blueprint, various technical studies were updated, including an assessment of the housing and population requirements of the District to 2031; these were all set out in a Housing Technical Paper, forming part of the Council's evidence base. In summary, there was a need to provide 11,000 new homes across the District over the next 20 years.


  • What is covered in Plans for Places?

    Plans for Places set out the proposed development strategies for the District and suggested where and how much development should be planned for. It included a series of consultation questions.

    You can view a copy of the comments sent to us on Plans for Places.

    Officers reported the results of the public consultation for Plans for Places to the Cabinet (LDF) Committee on 28 September 2011 and 10 November 2011.