Planning Inspector's Report

The Council received the final report from the Planning Inspector appointed to examine the Winchester District Local Plan Part 1 in February 2013. 

His report and schedule of modifications need to be read in conjunction with Track Change Local Plan Part 1 version 2 - 03 October 2012.

The Inspector's report, schedule of modifications and covering letter can be viewed or downloaded by clicking the links below.

The Council made a number of Further Modifications during and following the close of the Examination, these were subject to a 6 week consultation period and can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Schedule of Further Modifications  - 12th November 2012

Those modifications which the Inspector considers relate to matters of 'soundness' have been included in the Inspector's schedule of main modifications.  All other minor changes, along with various updates as necessary,  will be incorporated into the adopted version of the Local Plan Part 1.

The Plan was adopted on 20 March 2013.