Track Change Versions of the Local Plan Part 1 – Joint Core Strategy document and Schedule of Further Modifications

On this page, you can download the 'track-change' versions of the Winchester District Local Plan Part 1 – Joint Core Strategy.

Track Change Version 1 shows the Proposed Modifications to the Pre-Submission Local Plan Part 1 – Joint Core Strategy (January 2012) as published at Submission on the 18 June 2012. The modifications made are listed in the Schedule of Proposed Modifications to Pre-Submission Local Plan Part 1 .

A Schedule of Further Modifications was made on 28 September 2012 and are shown in Track Change Version 2 (shows these further modifications in addition to the modifications made in Version 1).

Following the Council's further submissions (October 2012) and changes resulting from discussions during the examination hearings (Oct/Nov 2012), additional modifications have been made.  These are set out in 'Schedule of Further Modifications 12 November 2012 - Modifications from the Council's further submissions and the Examination' which can be downloaded using the links below.  A track change version of the Local Plan Part 1 showing these modifications (Version 3) can also be downloaded below.