Winchester Town Strategic Allocations

The Core Strategy Issues and Options paper identified two options for development in Winchester Town; either remain within the planned boundaries, or a step change in growth - to include large scale new development.

Under the 'step change' option, four potential strategic allocations were identified. These were:

  • Area 1: North of Winchester (including and beyond the existing boundary of the makor development area)
  • Area 2: West of Winchester (including Teg Down)
  • Area 3: South-west of Winchester (including Pitt)
  • Area 4: South of Winchester (including Bushfield Farm)

At the Issues and Options stage, a Sustainability Appraisal was undertaken by the consultants Enfusion, but this did not include an assessment of the potential sites.

A further Sustainability Appraisal will be required once a preferred option has been selected. In the meantime, the Sustainability Appraisal criteria have been used by officers to assess the merits of the four alternative locations identified in the Issues and Options document using the Sustainability Appraisal Framework approved by the LDF Cabinet in December 2007.

For further information on the preferred approach for Winchester town, seeLDF Cabinet 28 January 2009