Abbotts Barton Planning Framework

The Planning Framework was approved by Cabinet (Housing Delivery) Committee Members on 27th February 2013. It was informed by two consultation events as well as various surveys undertaken in the area including topographical, environmental, historical etc.  Further feasibility studies have been carried out and the preferred options for both housing and local enhancements have been developed.

The aims of the Abbotts Barton Planning Framework:

1. To provide around 50 new Council Homes for local people over a period years

2. To ensure new buildings and spaces are of a high quality and good design

3. To spread the benefits of housing growth by capturing the economic benefits for local community investment

4. To ensure new development encourages more sustainable journeys to local facilities and services through better use of improved pedestrian and cycle links and less dependence on vehicles.

5. To develop a Community Letting Plan for new homes to include
a. Priority to local people who need affordable housing
b. Taking account of the existing community profile in letting new homes
c. Taking account of the availability of primary school places
d. The potential to reduce under occupation of existing affordable homes

6. To provide new parking with new housing, review the use of existing off street parking and ensure parking provides the maximum benefit to the local community while taking into account, and limiting the impact on, the local landscape and townscape character

7. To consider the qualities of the local landscape and the townscape character and limit the impact of new development

8. To enhance biodiversity and amenity value within the neighbourhood. This will include:
a. Consulting the community about the design and use of existing green space within and adjoining their neighbourhood.
b. Compensating for green space lost as a consequence of development
c. Providing a well designed and comprehensive planting scheme for existing and new development.
d. Improving enjoyment of green spaces, through suitable provision of recreational and play facilities, including seating.
e. Ensuring green spaces are well designed
f. Improving accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists
g. Improving the setting of the South Downs National Park, together with improving opportunities for access and interpretation, and ecological enhancements
h. Improving long term maintenance and management of the public realm through provision of a management plan.

9. To work with the community to translate the Planning Framework into detailed ideas and to develop a Community Plan to help them articulate and achieve their aspirations.