Open Space, Sports and Recreation Study

Winchester City Council and East Hampshire District Council jointly commissioned a study of open space, sport and recreation facilities. The study was adopted by the Local Development Framework Committee on 2 April 2008.

The aim of this study has been to help plan for an appropriate pattern of Open Space, Routes, and Buildings to best meet varied local needs and to meet the requirements of 'Planning Policy Guidance Note 17: Planning for Open Space, Sport and Recreation to:-

  • Provide local people with networks of accessible, high quality open space, sports and recreation facilities in both urban and rural areas, which meet the needs of residents and visitors, are fit for purpose, and are in sustainable locations.
  • Provide part of the evidence base for the development of appropriate policies in the Local Development Frameworks of each Authority and for the sustainability appraisals of future Development Plan Documents.
  • Provide an effective evidence base for each Authority to prepare a local strategy for the provision or improvement of open space, sports and recreation facilities in their District.

The results of the study may require the Council to review its overall thinking on how it can best contribute to achieving this within the public realm.

This study has collected a great deal of information on many different pursuits ranging from very informal and spontaneous activity, through to highly regulated and competitive sport. People of all ages have been asked to express their views, and the results are fascinating.

The study has four parts:

  • Part 1: Main Report
  • Part 2: Area Profiles
  • Part 3: Playing Pitch Strategy
  • Part 4: Built Facilities Study

Please note that due to the large file sizes involved, the maps including appendices 3 & 4 in Part 2 and appendix 1 in Part 3 are not yet available on this website. A copy of the CD is also available at the Customer Service Centre, Winchester City Council, City Offices for members of the public to view.