Infrastructure Study and Delivery Plan 2011 and Infrasture Delivery Plan 2016

In 2011, Winchester City Council published an Infrastructure Study which identified the main social and physical infrastructure issues and needs within Winchester District. This has been developed into an Infrastructure Delivery Plan which sets out how the policies within the Joint Core Strategy can deliver the necessary infrastructure to support the development strategy and to ensure that such development is accompanied by the right services at the right time.

Infrastructure Study

The Infrastructure Study is an important piece of supporting evidence which describes what social and physical infrastructure may be needed within the District over the next 15 years.

Between 2010 and 2011, Winchester City Council discussed issues in providing services for the District and future long-term plans with organisations such as the Highways Agency, Education Services, National Health Service and Water Companies. The Study used the information gathered through these talks and through a general consultation1 held between 15 November 2010 and 07 January 2011 to set out in broad terms the range of social and physical infrastructure that might be required to support development proposals contained within the Joint Core Strategy of the emerging Winchester District Development Framework.

The Infrastructure Study can be viewed by downloading the document below.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan

The Infrastructure Study provides the background information for the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) which uses this information to demonstrate firstly how the Joint Core Strategy policies will impact on each area of infrastructure considered and then how the key infrastructure can be delivered through the Joint Core Strategy Policies.

The Delivery Plan also demonstrates how the infrastructure requirements for the strategic allocations can be delivered. This includes setting out what is to be delivered, by when and evidence of funding sources, particularly for the early years of the plan.

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan can be viewed by downloading the document below.

  • 1A report on the responses received during the consultation in Nov 2010 to Jan 2011and officer recommendations was presented to Cabinet (LDF Committee) on the 1 April 2011).