LPP2 Site Viability Appraisals and Viability Appraisal for LPP2 Policy DM2

Viability appraisals for the following sites can be found in the attachments below.  In addition, you can also find the viability appraisal for Local Plan Part 2 Policy DM2: 

 - BW1 Coppice Hill Housing Allocation

 - BW3 The Vineyard/Tangier Lane Housing Allocation

 - BW5 Tollgate Sawmill Employment Allocation 

 - NA2 The Dean Housing Allocation

 - NA3 Sun Lane Mixed use Allocation

 - SW1 The Lakes Housing Allocation 

 - SW2 Lower Chase Road Open Space Open Space Allocation 

 - WC1 Morgan's Yard Mixed Use Allocation  

 - SHUA1 Whiteley Green Housing Allocation

 - SHUA2 Little Park Farm Employment Allocation 

 - Policy DM2 Viability Appraisal