Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2007

Planning Policy Statement 25 provides advice to ensure that flood risk is taken into account at all stages in the planning process. The aim is to avoid inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding, and to direct development away from areas at highest risk. The guidance requires local planning authorities to appraise the risk of flooding in their areas by undertaking a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA).

Winchester City Council appointed consultants Halcrow in March 2007 to undertake a Level 1 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment of the District, to inform the preparation of the Core Strategy, to identify those parts of the District that are most at risk from flooding. This study follows the advice and procedures set out in PPS25, and has the support of the Environment Agency, the responsible authority for flood defence in England.

The documents below form the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (2007). Because a lot of the assessment is based on geographical data, the documents are very large and may take a long time to download.

In addition, part of the Winchester district is within the South Hampshire sub-region. A Strategic Flood Risk Assesment has been undertaken for South Hampshire . Further details can be found at: