Improvement works at Chesil multi-storey car park

As from 8th August the entry and exit floors will be closed off to the public for a period of four weeks. Access to the site will be via a traffic light system where cars will enter/leave via the exit lane.

Any existing provision will be provided on floors higher up, for example, disabled bays and motorbikes will park on floor 3 for the duration, and the dedicated Zone X Permit holder bays will be on floor 4. Signs denoting these areas will be placed before the works commence. 

Car Parking Strategy - Review 2016

The City Council’s District Car Parking Strategy covering the period 2014 -2018 was adopted following public consultation in the autumn of 2013. We are now undertaking a mid term review as we are looking to ensure that we are making progress on the delivery of the strategy.  Follow the links to the Consultation Hub.

New machine trials

In Colebrook Street and St. Peter Street car parks, Winchester City Council are trialling a new method of payment in our pay machines for a 3 month period.

One machine in each car park has been converted to accept credit/debit card payments which also includes new contactless technology. The other change is that you no longer have to pay up front for the time that you think you might be staying for.

This new system allows you to ‘check-in’ by swiping your bank card and then confirming your vehicle registration. When you return to your car prior to leaving the site you swipe again to give you your ‘check-out’ time. This then gives the amount you will be debited on your receipt.

Points to remember

  1. You will need your vehicle registration
  2. Place ticket in vehicle but retain the ‘reminder’ portion
  3. Check out by using the same debit/credit card

The benefits are

  1. Less cost to you (as you are only being charged the tariff for the time you are parked)
  2. More flexible methods of payment
  3. No need to feel restricted in returning to the vehicle if your Pay & Display ticket is about to run out.
  4. The machine still acts as a Pay & Display machine and accepts coins

Please be advised that customers will be charged the maximum amount for the car park if they fail to ‘check-out’ before they leave. Any feedback please send to 

Chesil Street surface car park

The car park on Chesil Street closed in February 2016 as part of the council's current Parking Strategy. 

Alternative parking for disabled drivers can be found in the Chesil Multi Storey car park next door, along with additional bays for motorbikes and parent/child parking.

The following link gives further detail for the development of the site.